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Advanced Rocker Arm Tech

The professional engine builder's "must have" A-Z book on high performance valve-trains for Over-Head Valve (OHV) engines. Includes CAM and CYLINDER HEAD integration and many rarely discussed or revealed component selection and tuning tips.

A pioneering professional’s comprehensive insight to the previously confidential world of precision rocker arm design and application to Over-Head Valve competition engines. Written by the founder of the Patented MID-LIFT roller rocker arm geometry for internal combustion engines, and fully Illustrated, Jim Miller explains the critical elements of valve train design and system integration with in-depth tech and terminology defined for pro and novice alike.

Jim Miller has over 40 years in the high performance racing world as an engine parts developer and manufacturer for all forms of professional and amateur racing, who holds four valve-train patents. He is a pilot; an avid aviation enthusiast; and a hands-on domestic and international manufacturing engineer. He has been a published technical automotive, truck and motorcycle editor, writer and photographer since 1975. (Retail List: $87.50 U.S.)

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